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she knew of an alternative practice called Rolfing and suggested that I give Rolfing a shot. I agreed, she immediately put a call into Mark and he agreed to see me. How blessed am I to have found myself on Mark Hutton’s doorstep the following morning? At the end of Mark’s evaluation of myself he told me that he felt Rolfing could improve my condition greatly. He explained thoroughly what the practice of Rolfing was and said that it would not be a quick easy fix but he felt confident that I was indeed fixable. He also explained that I needed to follow his instructions to the letter. I agreed.... best decision I have ever made in my life! I was structurally a mess and my nervous system was so wacked out it only understood pain. I truly was at the end of my rope. I believe 100% in the practice of Rolfing. I also believe that Rolfing can only be as good as the practitioner. Mark reminds me of the old time country doctor who really cared with his whole heart for his clients. With Mark as your Rolfer you will not just be treated for the “problem” which lead you to him, ALL OF YOU, your entire well being will benefit from being in the care of the man who gave me back my life. I now hike everyday with my dogs, I dance until dawn, I play racquetball which has always been my passion, I lead a full and wonderful life, but most of all I’m totally pain free and structurally sound. Mark is continually expanding his knowledge in so many ways. He seeks out new cutting edge practices and dives into them whole heartedly. We the client, are the beneficiaries to all his hard work. I know this first hand. If you have a doubt in your mind about Rolfing or consulting Mark Hutton, please put your doubts aside you will never regret this decision. ~Rae I have suffered with back and hip pain for several years. After several attempts to see doctors and chiropractors, I was not making any progress. I then heard about Rolfing. Rolfing has changed my life. Rolfing looks at the whole person as opposed to the direct pain or problem and works to make me a better, healthier person all around. Since seeing a rolfer, my overall health has improved greatly!! It has improved in a way that no "regular" medical doctor could do for me before. I walk better, exercise better, eat better, and have a better outlook on my future for feeling good. There is a way to heal when you have pain, and I believe that Rolfing is one of the keys to successful living. ~Audra I am an eighty year old man who has experienced back problems most of my life, as well as two unsuccessful neck surgeries in later years. Through rolfing procedures advanced rolfer Mark Hutton has reduced the pain and improved my stability. Mr. Hutton's knowledge of muscles, nerves and their relationship to the skeletal system has improved my every day living by reducing the pain and thereby improving my outlook on life. Rolfing procedures in conjunction with laser treatments have enhanced my overall well being.  ~Walter The reason I went to Rolfing is because of my scoliosis problem (curved spine). I didn’t want surgery because it would be really painful and I was kind of scared. I also didn’t want a back brace because I would look stupid. When I first went to my Rolfer Mark, he told me that my spine was in the shape of a “C”. After 10 sessions he was able to form my spine as strait as an arrow. People always ask me if Rolfing hurts. First of all Rolfing by Mark doesn’t hurt. He makes me feel better after every session. I like Mark because he takes away my pain. I can tell him what’s wrong and he will know exactly how to fix it immediately. The other reason I like Mark is that he is funny, and he is fun to be around.  ~Leah (Age 14) My experience with Mark Hutton, Advanced Rolfer, goes way back to his beginning. During our partnership, patient and rolfer, I have trusted Mark with my entire family. There are too many "miracles" in my rolfing lifetime to even begin. Now that I have moved, and Mark stayed behind, I know how fortunate my family was to have had Mark Hutton at our beck and call. Rolfing for me has been a treatment to avoid unnecessary surgery, to gain back my mobility when hurting, and to postpone the onset of old age. My standing offer to all of those who I referred to Mark was if it doesn't work I'll pay for the treatment. I have not had to pay one time for that offer.  ~Karen

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Clinic Location: 42310 National Ave (1 mile down Mackey Lake Rd) 907.260.1914
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Mark Hutton -  42310 National Ave -  907.260.1914 -
I have suffered from lower back and neck pain for over twenty years. When Mark Hutton told me that he thought he could help me; I was excited to try something new, because nothing I had tried in the past had worked. His knowledge of the body and how it all intricately works together is remarkable and very reassuring that his treatments are going to make a difference in your life. Also, his sincere care for the well being of his patients is far beyond what you find with traditional medical doctors. Mark uses a cold laser therapy that has significantly changed my skeletal structure and helped to straighten out my nervous system, which I think has been confused for many years. With his help and understanding of my issues, I feel confident that I will soon be pain free and able to do all the things I love to do. If you are having continuing pain or just feel that your body isn’t performing the way you would like it to, don’t hesitate to give Mark a call and let him help you. It will be well worth your time and money!  ~Jill Several years ago I had and I emphasize “HAD” a severe and extremely painful physical condition which led me to Mark Hutton and opened my world to the practice of Rolfing. As unlucky and desperate as I felt at the time I was fortunate enough to have a medical professional that I had been seeing for this ailment for numerous months be open and honest enough to tell me that what she was doing for me was not getting the positive results she had been aiming for. She also told me that