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II saw Mark prior to my rotator cuff surgery and then immediately post surgery. Between the laser treatments Mark provided and the physical therapy session my recovery period was shortened by over a month. All my surgeon could say was, Wow!  ~Ken I sustained a bad whiplash injury a few years ago and started seeing Mark in hopes of finding some sort of relief from all the pain and discomfort I was feeling. Through his vast knowledge of Rolfing, he was able to help with my symptoms and gave my body the healing it so desperately needed. I have told several friends about Mark and the amazing world of Rolfing and cold laser therapy. Without Mark's help, I am certain I would have sought out a surgeon to find the relief I was seeking. Thank you Mark for your help and friendship!!!   ~Stephanie Mark Hutton, Certified Advanced Rolfer, has saved my life. Rolfing accompanied by a high tech cold laser has treated abdominal infection (which conventional doctors couldn’t diagnose), diminished severe scar tissue and post-op complications involving 2 stitch abscesses, helped torn/inflamed soft tissue injuries sustained under so-called “personal training” sessions in the gym and aided in healing pain and inflammation from a sprained sacroiliac joint, bruised abdominal wall (gym injury) and countless nerve inflammations from shoulder to toe. As one of Mark’s most complex and difficult patients, I have chosen to remain in Trilogy to continue treatment with him until our goal of a complete fix—not just pain management/masking—is met. Mark puts service above self, and I highly recommend his service to help in our continued active retirement living. ~Jacki In my experience with Mark Hutton, Certified Rolfer, I found healing in many areas of back and neck pain through his thorough, knowledgeable, and careful manipulation of my muscle tissues. Mark is highly educated in this holistic approach to healing the entire body, understanding that all muscle group systems rely on the health of one another to support the body for perfect structural unison. He is calm in demeanor, attentive to addressing your needs. He helped me realize how I could benefit my overall structural health and strength by implementing postural changes into my everyday lifestyle. With the incorporation of his laser therapy, Mark alleviated any swelling and pain for faster healing. I was never uncomfortable during my 10 sessions, and he always explained in detail which muscle group he was working on and for what purpose. Mark Hutton is a professional. His healing hands are a gift to those who seek his care.  ~Kim My senior track season was one I will always remember. My accomplishments and memories (multiple state championships and state track records) encountered were unforgettable and I believe Rolfing had every bit to do with it. Going to one session each week helped align my body to give myself the capabilities beyond what I thought was possible. The laser helped to reduce swelling and aches in my muscles, and I'd always feel relaxed and noticeably different when leaving each session. I couldn't thank Mark Hutton and Jeanne Sorenson enough for all the positive and comforting work they put into making me a stronger athlete and overall person!   ~Lierin Mark has a keen sense of observation matched with a great capacity to listen. You can count on his professional skills to provide needed wellness benefits that support long term health. Also, I found his brief description, his planned approach provided before he begins to be very helpful. ~Milly

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Clinic Location: 42310 National Ave, Soldotna, (1 mile down Mackey Lake Rd) 623-414-0817
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Mark Hutton -  42310 National Ave , Soldotna   623-414-0817 -
I would describe my experience of working with Mark as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I went from a high school sophomore with a severe back injury who thought that I was completely done playing sports for the rest of my life to a person that was able to go on and fulfill my dream of playing Division I baseball. For those who have gone through physical therapy or any other rehabilitation program thinking that there's no means to help them, I would encourage you to give Mark a chance. I don't think you will find another person in the world that can help to heal the human body like Mark can, and I will continue to refer anyone I meet to him because I know he can help them.     ~David Everyone has those injuries and pains that they just learn to accept and know that they will forever limit your ability. I can’t count the number of times over the past 15 years I’ve felt that my athletic career was over or that those limitations I would have to learn to work around. From a freshman in high school to a triple A professional baseball player for the Padres, Mariners and Dodgers, Mark was my first and only call to get me and my body back up to its full ability. I would come in the door in pain with skepticism for 15 years thinking this would be the time he couldn’t fix me, and 90 minutes later I would walk out with power, mobility and pain free. Why live with diminished ability when there is a resource like Mark Hutton available. His services are second to none and when you leave wondering “how he did that?” you’ll no longer question who your first call will be next time. Now that my playing days are over, Mark is still my first and only call. I’ve learned that there is no point in living with pain. ~Joe