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chemicals, and trigger foods are usually the cause of this switch.)  He understood this condition and was, with the help of his lasers, able to switch my polarity and anchor my brain functions so they stay corrected.  Because of his work, I have greatly improved! Mark is encouraging and caring.  His attitude and approach to everyone is gentle and humble.  He has his patients’ interests in mind and works hard to bring healing and comfort to all who walk through his door.  ~S. In September of 2012 I acquired a bilateral PARS fracture in my L-spine while playing football in high school my junior year.  All pain aside, the following months were frustrating, discouraging and the pain continued.  The medical field was able to diagnose my injury pretty quickly once we stepped into that adventure with an MRI confirming.  Yet, no one in the medical field knew what to do for me w/ lots of conflicting information and little direction.  "Wait it out, if it hurts stop playing" was a frequent directive.  They wanted to give me high doses of steroids, which my mom refused.  After a long year of this dialogue and no progress, a friend recommended Mark Hutton, Advanced Rolfer.  In high demand with a very busy schedule, Mark generously and enthusiastically fit me into his schedule. I can't put into words the ensuing months of healing that took place on all levels.  Mark was encouraging and confident and he knew exactly what to do. He had all the knowledge and skills to help me heal. Within the first 2 months of bi-weekly treatments, full rest and mild exercises, no sports, a change in diet and lots of education, I was ready to begin my senior year of my favorite sport basketball.  I continued my treatments for a year but not as often. I now have a daily self directed regime to keep my back safe and happy. It has been an incredible journey w/ Mark. He saved my health, my back and my psyche!  He attended many of my games and encouraged me. Two years later, all is well!  I am heading to college to play basketball after a full fishing season! Thank you Mark for all you have done for me! I am grateful. - Quinn -- (and his very grateful mother who suffered right along with him that very rough year!) Rolfing has been a miracle therapy for me. I suffered from a severe high ankle sprain and after a few treatments with Mark Hutton I was able to walk within days without crutches and hardly had any pain. As a result of my job I often have mild back pain and a session about every 6 months really helps get me into alignment and alleviates any pain I have. I am so grateful and lucky to have met Mark and can’t thank him enough for introducing me to Rolfing! ~Amber I was introduced to Mark a few years ago and I am thankful for it. I had rotator cuff surgery a year ago and I was never really able to get back to 100% so to speak. I had a series of treatments with Mark and I finally feel healthy again. Without the combination of the Rolfing techniques and the use of laser treatments, I would have never gotten better. Mark is well trained in his craft and I would trust him to work on any of my future injuries!  ~Matt I knew mark from my childhood where he helped me with my back. When we moved away from him my mom and I were upset because he helped us a lot. I injured my knee doing ballet and was having issues for about two years. I had seen multiple doctors and therapists but no one knew what was wrong. Finally my mom took me all the way from New York to Arizona to see Mark where he treated me every day for five days and on the last day I was able to walk pain free. That was the first time I had been pain free for over two years. Mark is an amazing guy and knows what he is doing. Mark and his wife Martha are two of the best people I know not only did he know what he was doing but I never once felt uncomfortable around him. We always had so much fun and still got the job done.  ~Kate Through my treatment by Mark Hutton I have felt his genuine concern for people and his passion for healing. The benefits of this therapy are profound and I can testify that they are true! I could not have kept the schedule I had at work with the injury to my knee without the therapy I received. I am truly blessed to have found Mark. In my quest to achieve optimum health and fitness, I rely on the services of Mark to help me reach my goals. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, or just want to improve your performance in sports, I highly recommend this revolutionary therapy.  ~Amy My husband Rod was in an MVA in 2008. Severe head and spinal cord injuries left Rod with a diagnosis of "man in a barrel syndrome" with a prognosis of slim to little chance of recovery. Luckily we had met Mark through extended family a few months before the accident. After a conference call with Mark we were able to acquire our own Erchonia laser and instructions on how to use the device to facilitate Rod's recovery. While it was not a short process due to many complications from incompetent and frightenly negligent medical care in a variety of hospitals, the laser and Mark's return to the valley later that year made a change that can only be described as miraculous. While Rod still has the issues from nerve damage and the spinal cord injuries, Mark with laser Rolfing has brought him from the confines of a wheelchair and being unable to feed himself to being able to live independently including dress himself and drive a car, participate in many of the activities that he was able to do before the accident. After being told we were idiots by the neurosurgeon for suggesting that Rod might be able to again at least putt a golf ball, his current handicap is an attestment to care by those who love him, Mark’s knowledge and Rolfing techniques and the laser...Rod is back down to a 9 handicap, which is similar to where it was before the accident occurred.  ~Carol and Rod

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Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
I had been in deep physical and emotional burnout for several months and barely able to function or think when I first met Mark Hutton.  He had been helping a friend with her broken foot.  (His work with lasers includes strengthening, healing, and building bone.)  During their visit, she told him about my condition.  He offered to visit with me saying he thought he could help me.  What a difference his work has made on my life and my health! With the use of his laser and his understanding of the body, he was able to reignite different body nerves that weren’t firing, particularly those in the left side of my brain.  He worked with my lower back and hips; I had been struggling with walking because of severe hip pain.  He released the scar tissue in my lungs from previous surgeries so that I could breathe deeply again and my singing isn’t inhibited any longer.  He worked with organs and intestines to improve their functions.  He freed my arms, shoulders, and fingers to liberate my violin playing.  All this time we talked about how to optimize my healing with positive attitudes towards myself and proper care of my being.  He encouraged me to change my diet to support good cellular health.  He even worked on the release of emotional issues that were harbored inside my body.  He also helped me connect with other health care providers that could work with my chemical imbalances at the cellular level. Undoubtedly, the most important gift I received from Mark’s work was the clearing of my thinking.  I have long struggled with polarity that “switches;” and when this happens, my brain shuts down, and my emotional state drops into a pit.   (Stress,