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Home Remodel

Steps 1-3

You can think of the Ten-Series as an overview of how someone might remodel a house. First you do fairly superficial things like take off all the wall coverings down to the stud walls so you can see what you are dealing with. Then you examine and expose the supporting foundation or structure for the house followed by an assessment of symmetry of each floor and the requirements for change.

Steps 4-6

This is where the major remodeling work is actually done; now that the prefatory work has been completed. You can imagine that this “major renovation” work wouldn’t be possible without the advanced preparations. At this time you would expect major walls to be moved, plumbing to be relocated and wiring to be redone. All structural changes will occur during this time.

Steps 7-9

At this stage in the house project we would be finalizing all work on the roof, now that the supporting structure has been upgraded and fixed. We will also prepare the house to be lived in by finishing the cabinets, sinks, appliances, wiring, plumbing, heating, and vents.


Throughout the remodeling project the contractor is always aware and constantly working on the reason for the remodel.

Step 10

This is like the final “walk through” or “check list” between the contractor and the home owner.

Actual Sessions

Parts 1-3

In your first three Rolfing sessions we will first find and remove all of the joint and tissue restrictions present in the neck, shoulders, arms, chest and back such that we have created more opportunity for permanent changes in these places as well as the whole spine later in the series. Then we will do the same thing with the feet, arches and legs so that your foundation is as neutral and supportive as we can make it. This is relevant because we ultimately will change much of the structure of your hips and back and that isn’t possible without supporting changes in the legs and feet. And last we will remove the structural and movement restrictions of the shoulders/shoulder blades and hips.

Parts 4-6

In your Rolfing sessions this is where we address all of the body’s structure that affects the position of the legs, hips and tail bone. It takes three sessions because one is devoted to all of the inner leg attachments of key muscles and nerves that attach between the leg and the pelvic girdle. The other two are devoted to all of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves that cross the joints created by how the legs attach to the pelvic girdle and how the pelvic girdle attaches to the tail bone and lower spine.

Parts 7-9

In these sessions we address all of muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve strains on the front and back of the neck. Then we make sure that the changes we have made to the shoulders and hips will stay and function at the highest level in all kinds of movement, sports and life style requirements you have for activities.


In every session the reason why you came for the Ten-Series is always addressed. I believe it will amaze you how each session, with all of their different objectives, will ultimately relate to your issue

Part 10

In this session we will address anything that has been problematic or anything that we think still needs a little work. Plus we will address all system wide elements of the brain, spine, organs and tissue memory that might help us in finishing the project. We like for this session to represent closure such that you can take these changes into your daily life with confidence that the new you will hold up to the rigors of your life. We believe that you will continue to improve and change (for the better) over time.
Mark brought the Rolfing healing concept to our community that we know has personally changed our lives. The cold laser therapy used with the Rolfing has eliminated back pain completely for this 57 year old concrete contractor—miraculous. We can’t say enough about Mark’s commitment to drug-free health. Vitality for all ages is attainable and we thank Mark for his work in this field. ~Danny and Annette

The Ten-Series

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