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We address the whole body in our work. We do this because underlying causes and compensations for all injuries and pain always involve the whole body. Headaches, low back pains, shoulder pains, hip and leg pains, and all other pain can never be permanently eliminated without also eliminating (1) why the injury occurred, (2) what causes the pain and (3) what the body has done to compensate for the pain or injury. This is why we most often recommend and do a “Ten- Series” and why the Rolfing/Structural Integration linkage and partnership is so important. It provides a basic framework for the work beyond just looking at and addressing what hurts. Dr. Rolf spent almost 50 years developing and experimenting with the notion that the same forces that cause bad alignment and pain can indeed be reversed if you understand a few basic principles about what is important in alignment, including what causes bad alignment, and how you systematically rebuild a body to bring about structural integration and change. We are taught that it is possible to make significant changes in a person’s structure in ten sessions or so, often called The Ten-Series. Your first session is most often an introductory session as described previously. If, at the end of the session you feel like Rolfing makes sense to you and would help you then we mutually agree to schedule a Ten-Series. Generally we try to schedule the first three sessions a week apart and the last seven sessions, two-weeks apart. There are special circumstances where this has been modified to accommodate your needs. For example, I have clients that travel from around the country and even overseas and will schedule as many as five sessions a week; completing the ten series in two weeks. I have also conducted one session a month for ten months for the ten series. With the use of the Erchonia Low Level Cold Laser timing is no longer critical for success.

Why People Come

People come to Rolfing and Laser Therapy for several reasons, but the most common is for relief from pain that hasn’t been satisfactorily addressed by other means including; surgery, injections, pain killers, adjustments, various therapies and failed self care. They are usually so frustrated by continuing pain, restrictions and/or lack of meaningful progress by most available options that they come to Rolfing/Laser Therapy out of this frustration and curiosity. My clients include: Some of the reasons they come: And ... To relieve the pain from: Motor vehicle accidents (including whiplash); sprains, strains, pulled muscles; Most low back, mid back and upper back problems; Serious headaches; Shoulder injuries and pains; All tendonitis and tendonosis; All sciatica; Foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, fallen arches and joint pain; Knee issues and injuries; All TMJ; and Carpal Tunnel syndromes (including Brachial Plexus syndrome).
Mark Hutton’s Rolfing has helped me so much in my life as a young athlete.  I go to Mark as much as I can because of the way it makes my body and my personal mood feel.  Rolfing has made my daily life so much easier in so many ways, considering how much stress and strain I personally put my body through.  I recommend Mark to all of my friends who are complaining about body aches, headaches, etc.  I play soccer and volleyball at a high level and with an all-out attitude: incurring many injuries.  He is the best! .. T.
Olympic Athletes Major League Baseball Players National League Football Players World Champion (power lifting) College Champions (basketball and volleyball) State Champions (track and field, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer) Business Entrepreneurs and Employees World War II and Korean Veterans Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Dancers and Musicians Several Four-Generation Families Retirees and Golfers Babies as young as six weeks and Seniors into their nineties To reduce or eliminate chronic pain and some acute pains To shorten recovery time from all categories of injuries To eliminate the negative effects of long-held trauma, as well as recent trauma To improve strength and refine patterns of movement To relieve the pain of repetitive stress injuries To improve posture and balance To improve athletic performance Ten-Series: The Details

Our most important principle is to do everything we know how to do with every tool

and therapy that is available to help you achieve your health goals.


Introduction to the Ten-Series

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