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Quite frankly, without the tools and therapies listed below I would close my door and get a job in a malt shop. They are all incredibly important in our ability to actually make the kinds of cellular changes required to support your structural changes, your neurological changes and your functional changes. They are the reason we believe the sessions will be able to address your needs and especially your pain. Rolfing/Structural Integration creates the framework for the territory to be covered in the session while the laser and other techniques provide both the strategy and tactics to complete the session. We use a wide variety of tools and methods, including:                          The Use of Low Level Cold Lasers The most important tool that I use is the Erchonia Low Level Cold Laser. This laser is used to (1) release tissue restrictions that are caused by nerve inflammation, (2) increase energy to specific nerves that fire muscles to stabilize joints, and (3) increase the efficiency of muscle usage during movement. I have used this laser in thousands of sessions over the last several years. Its use is so important I have detailed its significance in the next category. The folks at Erchonia Corporation are helping the world, one person at a time. We are blessed in our association with them.

Various Elements of Neurophysiology

Continuing our theme of gentle, but powerful work, much of what I do in your Rolfing session involves working to improve the efficiency of your own nervous system to provide more structural balance, more efficiency in movement and more energy. We will use elements of a study called Neurophysiology to provide more equal balance and control of brain hemispheres, more accurate assessments of muscle strength as related to the energy of other body systems and the improved efficiency of various parasympathetic cranial nerves (cranial nerves control your five senses and various organs and glands).

Specialized Structural Assessment

In my experience and judgment, this is the most fundamental reason why Rolfing is unique in all of bodywork. We are taught to understand and determine what is your most natural, comfortable and neutral pattern; such that joints and areas that are out of pattern can be easily determined and addressed. In this way, your acute and chronic pain, or your stiffness and soreness or your areas of weakness will have as a root cause; some area or areas of misalignment or deviations from your natural pattern. This strategy has come to be called the tilt and shift model which is unique in all of bodywork. It is a strategy and an assessment technique/goal that determines what your individual neutral pattern is for all of your joints. Because this is so unique and so helpful in our work, I want to pay tribute to Liz Gaggini, who's brilliant work has given us this basic value system. Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation This is a very gentle approach as I will do visceral (organ) work when someone has had major surgeries, injuries or infections, which can create adhesions that impair proper mobility and motility of the organs. Because the body tends to compensate and protect an organ in trouble, serious structural issues are often resolved by freeing the viscera (organs). For example, all low back structural issues will impact the attachment sites of the small intestine, large intestine, the duodenum and jujenum. We address these organs with visceral manipulation.

Cranial Sacral Therapies

This is another gentle, but powerful technique which seeks to balance the cranial rhythm, balance tensions in the dural membranes (the connective tissue that surrounds the spinal cord and brain) and restore proper cranial bone movement. Some of this work is usually done within the Ten-Series.
An example of a ten series that required every tool, technique and therapy available to us.

Our most important principle is to “do everything we know how to do with every tool

and therapy that is available to help you achieve your health goals”.

Jerome DC.  “Mark’s understanding of anatomy and neurology is impressive.  As impressed as I am with Mark’s clinical knowledge,  his ability to communicate with people is even more impressive.  Since co-teaching with Mark I have come to know his passion  and extensive knowledge of the Rolfing profession.  He also has a remarkable understanding and appreciation for the chiropractic  profession and how it integrates with the service he provides to his clients.“

Techniques and Therapies

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Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
After six years of seeing doctors and pediatric specialists we struggled to find relief for my daughters constant coughing and acid reflex.  Mark Hutton and his services have helped find relief in her everyday activities.  He has given us hope and has helped her little body function on a daily basis.  We are forever grateful.  Thank you Mark for believing in her health. -- Anna and Stella