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and mechanics of the body which state that (1) everything is related to everything and (2) nothing is predictable; i.e. the concept of reductionism, or that the body is like a car which can have parts interchanged and replaced.  When you come for a Rolfing and laser therapy appointment we will always spend time in your first session making recommendations regarding what you eat that causes inflammation…the inflammation that forms the first domino in the diseases we mentioned earlier.  We will also make recommendations about laboratory tests to consider determining the clinical health of the important health components of your cell and the resultant nutritional considerations.  The books I have listed contain what I consider to be “life and death” facts about the relationship of the deadly diseases to what you eat and the equal “life and death” facts of the basic nutritional requirements of the human cell and hence the human being.  Did you know? •  It takes 3 ½ apples in 2014 to equal the nutrition in one apple in 1949. •  That Vitamin D is the most important hormone in your body and unless your Vitamin D levels are greater than 60 ng/ml you are seriously deficient leading to an amazing increase in many diseases including some cancers, diabetes and brain diseases.  •  That each cell membrane in your body (there are over 60 trillion cells) is made up of three layers (water, omega 3 and water) and that most cell membranes are seriously lacking in adequate water and omega 3.  The United States average for the middle part of the cell membrane is one part omega 3 and 25 parts all other fats.  It is the cell membrane that contains over 100,000 individual named proteins that each has antennae on the outside of the cell membrane to interpret all of your daily biological and physiological needs.  A poor cell membrane leads to inefficient receptor protein switches and disease.  The cell membrane is the most important organ in your entire body. •  The nutritional supplement ‘GLUTATHIONE’ is the most important anti-oxidant in your body and has to come from supplements.   •  That genetically modified grain contains a protein signature that is not recognized by these protein receptors and as a consequence causes leaky gut, over stimulation of insulin production, the formation of  alcohol in the large intestine that kills the immune system and causes the production of the stress hormone cortisol which in turn causes the preferential shunting of blood away from all organs and glands with the heart being the first organ impacted.  •  That the gluten protein in most grains and fructoses have been linked directly to the brain diseases.  •  That most long term heart studies demonstrate that all-cause mortality is highest in those persons with the lowest cholesterol and that cholesterol is the primary building block for all hormones.    •  Those hormone imbalances create unhealthy cellular physiology and biology resulting in the production of the stress hormone cortisol. •  And that you are what you think and you are what you eat.  I have listed several books that address these facts.  I encourage you to read them and make yourself familiar with what it takes to promote a healthy life style, a healthy way of eating and healthy evidence based nutritional supplements. 
Most surveys illustrate that we aren’t generally afraid to die, but we don’t want to suffer long, costly and painful deaths.  Guess what; unless you act decisively you do not get to choose to avoid the agony of slow death.  I know this might sound morbid, but in considering your health and the reasons why you might come to Rolfing and Laser Therapy, you need to know that unless you improve the health of your individual cells in your body and begin eliminating the things that you eat that cause harmful inflammation, you really cannot get any better than you are now.  It is not enough to address your pain or personal issues without considering your body as a whole.  In Rolfing we say that our work is in the “third paradigm”.  The first paradigm is about “feel good” like massage.  The second paradigm is about fixing something like splinting a broken bone.  The third paradigm is about the concept of holism or addressing the quantum physics

Resources for Health

Consider this…according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) one in two or three adults will die of

cancer or diabetes.  Add to this the fact that one in nine adults will acquire one of the debilitating brain

diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.

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Hutton Rolfing, Inc

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Against All Grain by Danielle Walker Energy Medicine by James Oschman and Candace Pert Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance by James Oschman Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD The Paleo Answer by Loren Cordain, Ph.D. Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD
Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenator Promotes tissue repair, reduce inflammation, etc. This is a website with ideas for Paleo, low carb and diabetic food.
Equipment Bemer Therapy Erchonia Info on PL5000, percussor and adjuster Diane Southwick, Erchonia Regional Sales Manager based out of Seattle, WA.  425-238-1395