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The next step will be to begin a determination of the joint alignment patterns in your body; both from the standpoint of the joint alignment pattern that is most neutral for you and those joint alignment patterns that are so badly aligned that they are the primary reason for your issues. We then discuss and show you the body-wide strain patterns of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, wrappings on bones, nerves, fascia, etc) that we are taught create the bad alignments and therefore the pain.

Our goal is to show you what we see in your structure and to fully explain why your pattern

represents a structural imbalance that can and should be addressed by Rolfing/Structural

Integration and Laser Therapy.

We are now ready for the rest of the session. Usually the client will change into whatever they intend to wear for the session. This is unlike any single bodywork experience as you will be asked to lay down, get up, walk around, lay down, sit down and possible use of other movement queues as part of our work. While you are laying on the Rolfing table you will be covered by a sheet. Every level of comfort and modesty will be accommodated. Depending on the session; the next part will usually include finding and eliminating the inflammation of nerves that cause the myofascial restrictions that cause joint misalignment. This generally is no more painful than what you would feel if you lightly rubbed your leg. This part of the session generally takes 30 to 40 minutes. After the satisfactory change in the inflamed nerves we will again, use the laser to up regulate the energy supply to the nerves to turn-on muscles that are not currently capable of stabilizing your joints. This usually results in the sensation of feeling stronger. We may then test your ability to move in your daily activities, and whether or not the places we have worked seem to look and feel lighter, freer and have less pain. A lot of people schedule an Introductory session. They first have to determine if they like the work and if it seems like the work will address their problems. Then I have to determine if I think the work will help and if the person is a good candidate for further work. If we both agree then I explain the purpose and benefits of the typical ten series. The Ten-Series is explained in the next session.
Having had my workouts hampered with a continuing hamstring issue, I looked to Mark for some help. After Mark's Rolfing treatments, which included laser therapy, not only did he correct my hamstring issue, he also increased my overall strength which allowed me to take my workouts to the next level.  ~Kathy

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Past injuries in an auto accident had virtually made me disabled and in constant pain. Rolfing has given me back my mobility and taken away most of my pain. It’s been like a miracle. I have gotten several friends to try it and has worked for them too. Highly effective! Thank you Ida P. Rolf, “Structural Integration". ~Marie
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Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Hutton Rolfing, Inc
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