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We believe that Neurogenic Inflammation is the king of all issues.  Don Hazen is deceased but his writing and research will always be with us and will continue to be an important catalyst for our work with the laser. In our practice, steps taken to address the long chain of events involved in Neurogenic Inflammation has made dramatic symptom improvements in individual case studies for the following physician diagnosed diseases: And Guess What? (from Quintner and Cohen):The myofascial pain syndrome (i.e. all trigger points) assessment and treatment has been proven inaccurate.… With epistemological, clinical and pathophysiological proofs, these phenomena are better understood and treated as secondary hyperalgesia of peripheral neuro-inflammation origin. Therefore, these areas are best (only) addressed using neurogenic inflammation protocols. About Nerve / Muscle Instability.The ability of a joint or body segment to find stability and hold the changes made by Rolfing depends on the capability and capacity of the affected efferent nerves to come up with enough energy to fully fire these muscles to stabilize the joints. It isn’t muscle weakness that prevents this stability; it is nerve weakness and a loss of balancing afferent nerve signals. More About Nerve / Muscle Instability. Efferent Nerves that fire large purposeful movement, phasic muscles control the large movement joints. Efferent Nerves that fire the small postural, tonic muscles control intersegmental stability in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The Efferent Nerves can further be defined as alpha and gamma. We have no Rolfing techniques that will cause the mitochondria in the nerve cells to produce more ATP in order that the nerves will have sufficient energy to activate these muscles. There are some circumstances where myofascial techniques and/or percussor techniques will release connective tissue restrictions around the afferent nerve ending and thereby allow more efferent nerves to fire. For more specific information about the Erchonia Low Level Cold Laser, studies that have been done and for a list of Rolfers who have the laser and training – please see website. Below, you will see some graphic examples of just how powerful this system can be ...
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Regional Pain Syndrome Fibromyalgia
All plantar fascititis All shin splints Many migraines
Following a high speed head on freeway collision the neurosurgeon said, “He will never feed himself again.”
Two years later Rod shot a 74 (with no mulligans).
Cory was an X-Games competitor and suffered a serious foot injury when his foot got caught under the riding peg in a spectacular jump on a motorcycle. The front of the foot was shoved under the heel. The doctor told Cory he would lose his foot and would require multiple skin grafts. They said he would never race again. The second picture is of the foot four months later as Cory was training for the 2000 mile Iron Dog Snowmachine Race which he ran with his father five months after the accident. Cory's father purchased a laser from Erchonia upon my recommendation and they lasered the foot every day, sometimes twice a day. His recovery is remarkable. An incredible surgery by a local surgeon aided greatly in the possibility of his recovery.
After Laser Therapy ...

Erchonia Laser Part Three

Polymyalgia rheumatica All sacrum/ilium dysfunction All shoulder dysfunction
After many years of lower back, shoulder and hip pain, I found relief! Rolfing has changed my life. I am thankful to have been introduced to Rolfing and am now living pain free. As I work my way into the fifties I am feeling strong and look forward to many years of active living. Thank you Mark Hutton! ~Molly
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Hutton Rolfing, Inc
Most TMJ syndromes All carpal tunnel syndromes All foot dysfunction
Erchonia Laser Part III