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Dr. Maitland (former chair of the faculty of the Rolf Institute): “The Laser used as a 2nd paradigm tool to fix things is not consistent with the Rolfing paradigm. The Laser used as a 3rd paradigm tool to augment or supplement strategies and tactics used to achieve the Goals of Rolfing / Structural Integration is very powerful and not inconsistent with our goals and objectives.” Jon Martine (former chair of the faculty of the Rolf Institute): “The Laser has the potential to allow us, as Rolfers, to accomplish things that otherwise are not possible and to make other things so much easier to do – for us and the client. Because the laser allows us to do things that were otherwise impossible, it combines perfectly with Rolfing to produce changes that are of incredible benefit to the client.” In my Practice...the Erchonia Cold Level Laser has allowed us to:
Determine that neurogenic inflammation causes fascial restrictions that cause joint malalignment and Address and reduce fascial restrictions caused by neurogenic inflammation. (In concert with the Percussor) up regulate the afferent tone to allow efferent up regulation of the nervous system. To decrease tissue swelling/edema To decrease the fascial restrictions created by neurogenic inflammation. To stabilize joints and segments by increasing the efferent nerve responses to phasic muscles.
To increase intersegmental stability by increasing efferent nerve responses to tonic muscles. To increase the efficiency of the relationship between efferent and afferent nerve responses. To increase systemic and structural integration by creating better hemispheric balance and by creating better sympathetic / parasympathetic balance and tone. To help overcome injury, bruising, sprains and swelling - which prevent structural integration.  To reduce adhesive and capsulitis/all adhesions/all scar  tissue. To reduce pain. To reduce negative affects of surgery.
I saw Mark prior to my rotator cuff surgery and then immediately post surgery. Between the laser treatments Mark provided and the physical therapy session my recovery period was shortened by over a month. All my surgeon could say was, Wow!  ~Ken

Erchonia Laser Part Two

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